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Our latest album ‘ZONE’ got very positive feedback, here are some examples of this reviews:

“The 'Zone', in my opinion, is one of the great surprises of this year.” Jan Hocek (jazzport.cz)

“Such songs are these that will light the fire of excitement in the audience and keep that fire burning until the very last note.” Mihály Czékus (hifipiac.hu)

“1705 is an extraordinary phenomenon in the European jazz scene. Not only their compositions on the album “Zone” are unique and thoughtful, but the three instrumentalists, who are undoubtedly excellent and the trio’s diverse use of electronic effects perhaps define new formula for a twenty-first century fusion.” Robert Ratajczak (LongPlay)

“I am telling you: this is a bloody good record." Zoltán Trencsényi (Népszabadság)

"1705 is alert, fast and always fiery. Their answer to every musical challenge is wonderfully reckless: they simply set the bar higher and delight in climbing breathtakingly from ledge to vaunted ledge, springing like mythical characters with super (musical) power." Raul De Gama (jazzdagama.com)

“On its own merits it could be very difficult to outdo the 'Zone'.” Barbara Bércesi (Gramofon)

“...the 'Zone' is an album of an era; listen to it, it is worth it!” Károly Gáspár (jazzma.hu)




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TBA EGER (HU) 17.11.2015
TBA BRATISLAVA (SK)  20.11.2015

ABOUT 1705


There are several reasons for this trio's unusual choice of name: for one thing, this is the title of one of their songs (Zsolt Kaltenecker wrote it on a historical keyboard instrument made in 1705), for another, it brings up associations with the Legend of 1900 film and its hero, who deliberately or inadvertently mocks the musical hard-liners. For the members of the ensemble, openness and the crossing of imagined or real boundaries are the primary motivations. It is thanks to this approach that the trio's music nonetheless produces a homogeneous whole while combining dozens of influences: the melody and dynamism of popular music, the freshness of electronic music, the straining of classical music to achieve harmony, the diversity of world music and, of course, the freedom of jazz and its delicate combinations.


In addition to arcing improvisations that often seem to drift towards infinity, Zsolt's piano play often builds on the complete independence of his two hands and is immediately recognisable, András's unusual set of percussion instruments (on which he sometimes plays with almost complete freedom, sometimes like a sophistically programmed drum machine), and Béla's full-bodied, warm double bass and lyrically delivered solos are all hallmarks of 1705. Zsolt played for longer periods with Béla in the nineties and András in the first decade of the new millennium - and the fruits of their collaboration can be heard on four records in all. The trio was founded in late 2010 when Béla returned to Hungary from Australia after 15 years. Their first record was released as 1705 in 2012. A new CD is expected in the summer of 2015.




double bass

Born in 1970 in Budapest, Béla began his professional studies at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 1990, before going on to attend a postgraduate course at Western Washington University in the US in 1996-97. He eventually gained a master’s degree in classical double bass at Brisbane’s Griffith University in 2006. From 1997, he lived in Australia, where he taught and performed his chosen instrument. He has played in numerous prestigious venues worldwide, performing among others at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, at the Oslo Opera House and the Chicago Auditorium. From 2008 until early 2011, he played with The Ten Tenors, touring much of the globe. He returned to Hungary in March 2011 and has lived here ever since.


electric and acoustic pianos, sampler, electronics

Born in 1970 in Budapest, Zsolt began his classical musical training at the age of eight. After a few years, his interest turned to improvisation and composition. Having graduated in jazz piano from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 1996, he embarked on a private trip to New York to study with Jaki Byard in autumn of the same year. He has released sixteen records under his own name, among them the 1999 album “Songs from the 20th Century”, which was awarded the prize for Hungarian Jazz Record of the Year”.


Since 1995 he has been working with the best hungarian musicians. Beside his solo piano efforts presently he plays in the 1705 and the progressive metal band Special Providence. He had many international concerts all over Europe and also in Japan. Since 2003 he has been also playing electric pianos and synthesizers. His characteristically individual style and „sound” is perhaps the best described by the critic, Zoltán Végső: „ We can perhaps find the basics somewhere in the vicinity of modal jazz, where the rhythm, polytextural mentality, method of musical performance and sound effects are always more important than harmony, still horizontal planes build on one another thus a strange vertical structure can emerge, i.e. we can hear and feel the harmonic texture. This musical world extends to several directions and still the audience can feel the clean forms and intentions, and not the intertwined tunes and receive a jazz music that is enjoyable in its every element.”



András was born in 1978 in Budapest. Taking up musical studies in classical percussion at the age of seven, he developed an interest in South American and Middle Eastern percussion instruments at secondary school. Initially, he performed primarily as a member of various world music groups, playing Sephardic, Balkan and Irish Celtic folk music. In parallel with this, he also began playing jazz, graduating from the jazz department of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 2005. Over the years, he has been a part of several leading jazz ensembles, while performing as a regular musical partner of female singers, such as Mónika Juhász Miczura (Mitsoura), Ági Szalóki and Bea Palya. As a composer, he has collaborated in film and theatre productions, while touring all over the world as a performer. He has played music on numerous major stages, from Carnegie Hall to Covent Garden and the World Expo in Shanghai.







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